4 best practices for sponsored posts

A sponsored post is a blog post hosted on a publisher’s website that links back to your company and/or product that you are promoting. 

Done right, a sponsored post will pay off for 3+ years. The post will send you a steady stream of qualified traffic over time. 

Tip #1: To make the most of a sponsored post, we recommend you focus on evergreen topics. Topics based on current events will only result in a short term boost. 

Tip #2:Consider article titles starting with “How To” or “Why” phrases. These terms are often typed into Google by users looking for a solution to their problem. 

Tip #3: Don’t underestimate the power of sharing/promoting a sponsored post. If your article receives lots of attention from users, it has a better chance of making it into the top 3 search results for a particular topic.

Tip #4: Be helpful and genuine. Sponsored posts are not meant to be thinly veiled advertisements. Readers pick up on overselling and lose interest instantly. Rather try to solve a problem and provide a unique solution. 

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