Can I get DoFollow links from sponsored posts?

No. Using sponsored posts to build backlinks is an expensive and inefficient SEO strategy. Sponsored posts are designed to send you traffic. 

Consider the following scenario:

-> Amanda is looking for a way to scrape company data trends, but she’s having difficulty collecting the info because she has no access to historic data. 

-> Amanda Googles “How to scrape company data history”. 

-> In the top three results is a helpful blog article from a popular tech comparison blog pointing out a few solutions but concluding that Software X is the best option.

-> Amanda heads over to Software X and purchases the product. 

The blog post that Amanda (and hundreds of other searchers like her) click on, was a blog post sponsored by Software X. Despite it being sponsored, the information was helpful and compelling enough for Amanda to conclude that Software X really was the best solution. 

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