What's the difference between the Ad Network and Marketplace?

The Marketplace is for traditional sponsorships where advertisers who have a similar audience will reach out to you with requests for native newsletter ads, dedicated email sponsorships, and/or sponsored blog posts.

 The Ad Network runs on programmatic technology and allows advertisers to target specific subscribers from your audience based on demographics or interests. Advertisers bid per click or impression and you don't have to spend time collecting ad copy or communicating with the advertiser. 

Key Differences for Publishers

Marketplace Ad Network 
Accept native ads, dedicated emails, and sponsored posts Supports native ads only
Self-directed Custom-made HTML ad unit designed for you
Manual Automatic insertion via HTML code
Fee is set by you Earnings dependent on the value/popularity of your subscribers
30% of booked fee 40% of revenue earned
Communicate dates, format, ad approval etc. No communication necessary
Best for high-paying sponsorships Best for spare slots, underperforming affiliates, and hands-free monetization

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