What's the difference between the Ad Network and Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a directory of newsletters/publications offering traditional email sponsorships for a set fee. The Ad Network runs on programmatic technology and allows advertisers to target specific subscribers from hundreds of newsletters based on demographics or interests. 

In simple terms, the Marketplace is like taking out an ad in a popular magazine. The Ad Network is like advertising on social media to a specific audience. 

Key Differences for Advertisers

Marketplace Ad Network 
Native ads, dedicated emails, and sponsored posts Native ads only
Reach one newsletter’s entire subscriber base Target individual subscribers from hundreds of newsletters with one ad
Pay one set fee set by the publisher Pay per click or thousand impressions (PPC)
Higher available word count and customizable sponsorship placements Limited character count. No sponsorship customization.
What you see is what you get. Cost is not influenced by performance Pause or stop underperforming ads at any time
Get results one day after the sponsorship Real-time results delivered live

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