How to set your target audience in the Ad Network

Targeting options on the ad network are split up between Consumers and Professionals. For both categories, you can select demographics like location, contextual interests, and pre-defined audiences. 

What category should I select?

Consumers: Select this if you are :

  • Selling a physical product that is not in the B2B category (DTC marketing). 
  • To target readers based on demographics like gender and age

Professionals: Built for B2B advertising, select this if: 

  • You need to target readers based on their professional information such as job title and management level
  • You need to target professionals who work in specific industries

What newsletters are on Paved's Ad Network?

The Ad Network is made up of hundreds of newsletters. Most of these newsletters fall within the tech, business, lifestyle, or design niches. 

Can I choose which newsletters my ad is displayed on?

No, you can only choose your audience.

How targeting works on the Ad Network

You start with the entire Ad Network audience. Every option you select narrows your reach.

Where you have multiple selections (for example in the contextual targeting section), Paved uses “and/or” logic. Different categories operate on “and” logic. 

Let’s say I want to reach decision-makers for my new SaaS product. I might select criteria as follows:

[In English-speaking countries] AND have an interest in [Javascript AND/OR jQuery] AND [work at a company with 1-10 employees] AND are in a [CEO AND/OR Manager AND/OR Executive] position. 

Understanding estimated reach

The more options you select, the smaller your Estimated Reach. With the above audience example, you might not reach many people because it is too specific. This limits your results and drives up your minimum bid. 

To maximize your reach, try to keep more than 1 million people in your potential audience size. As you start going down into audiences below 1 million impressions drop and you might not get results as quickly as you want. 

The difference between reach on social media and reach on email:

On social media, users scroll their feeds often, sometimes multiple times a day. With email, newsletters send out a maximum of 1 newsletter per day. Some newsletters only send out once per month! This is why results take longer to get if your Estimated Reach is too small. The readers you are trying to target might only get one newsletter a month - and even then it’s not guaranteed that they will open it. 

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