Overview: How the Ad Network works

The Ad Network works in a way similar to how advertising on social media (like Facebook or Twitter). Ads are targeted to user’s interests, demographics, and other data points. 

Targeting means that an ad only shows up if it’s relevant to a subscriber. Ultimately advertisers pay less for more accurate marketing while publishers get to fill spare inventory and serve ads that are more likely to earn revenue. 

The Technology 

The Ad Network operates using programmatic technology. The same technology usually used by targeted web banner ads. 

Paved builds a profile for each subscriber using data from a variety of vendors. The data is cleaned, tagged, and analyzed. Paved also collects information on existing audiences on social media for both the advertiser and publisher to generate a type of lookalike ideal customer profile. 

All data collection is run against a hashed email address. This means we never store information directly related to an email address. We do this to protect the subscriber’s privacy and comply with privacy laws. 

When a user opens an email containing an ad unit from the Ad Network, Paved scans our system to see if they match any targeting criteria. If they do, the ad loads instantly. If they do not, the ad unit will appear invisible to the subscriber. 

CPC and CPM on the Ad Network 

Like social media ads, the Ad Network operates on a bid per click or thousand impressions. You will not pay a lump sum to appear on a single newsletter, but rather pay many newsletters small amounts to reach a portion of their audience.

The more sought after or niche an audience, the higher the cost per click (CPC) or impression (CPM). Paved uses a bidding structure to assign priority. The higher a bid, the more likely an ad will beat out competitors. 


For advertisers, there are no fees or minimum spend on the Ad Network.

How to book an ad on the Ad Network:  

  1. Select who you want to see your ad (by demographics and interests) 
  2. Write ad copy and upload a creative or your logo
  3. Choose to pay per click or impression (CPC or CPM) 
  4. Set your daily budget, bid level, and campaign run-dates
  5. The ad is then shown to your target audience

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