How to send a test email

Before any sponsored or dedicated emails go out, it's important to do a test send to make sure the ad is appearing correctly on both mobile and desktop devices.

We also need to make sure the tracking link and impression pixel we provided are being utilized properly so we (and the advertiser) can accurately track campaign performance.

Sending a test email is easy. Every campaign gets a custom email address that you can see on the campaign page or in the notification email we send to you to deliver creative.


1) Login to and then navigate to the "Requests" page using the dropdown menu in the top right corner.



2) Then click on the campaign in question.



3) You'll see a breakdown of basic info regarding the campaign. The email address you should send a draft of the sponsorship to is at the bottom of this list and right above the campaign's status.


Here are tutorials in how to send test emails from Mailchimp, AWeber, and Active Campaign.

Just send the draft to that custom email address and we'll make sure everything is ready to go.

Note: We're also happy to test your campaign on our end prior to sending. Just let support know and we'll be happy to run the campaign through our email testing service.


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