What are the Marketplace ad formats and specs?

As you may know, we currently offer/support three different types of ad formats on the platform: dedicated email, sponsored email, and sponsored blog posts. 

Once you approve an advertiser's campaign they are responsible for providing you with creative assets...

Dedicated email
Advertisers have been asked to send  HTML for dedicated email campaigns. As the publisher, it is your responsibility to integrate this HTML into your existing email template. Often this includes adding a header with your site logo, a discrete explanation that this is a sponsored email, and your standard email footer. 

Sponsored email
For sponsored email campaigns, advertisers will provide a few lines of text, an image, and a URL (that you will link to). If you have specific requirements for image size or aspect ratio, please share this with the advertiser so they can provide it accurately. 

Sponsored posts 
It is up to the publisher and advertiser to work together to determine what is needed for a sponsored post campaign. Often the advertiser will provide some basic information about the type of post they would like (including subject matter, key points, etc). They may also defer to the publisher to come up with a good post topic/angle.

Please work with the advertiser to determine the best approach for their sponsored post campaign.

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