Help! My campaign didn't perform as well as expected.

Although it doesn't happen often, occasionally a campaign's performance may fall short of expectations. When a click-through rate or open rate is low, it will raise the overall cost per click.

Let's look at a few reasons this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

  1. Misaligned creative or poor audience fit
    It's up to you, our publishers, to ensure that you only accept campaigns from advertisers that align well with your audience and subject matter. If the creative doesn't resonate with your list it's important to suggest to the advertiser tweaks on the copy and/or images. Then, it's best to run the campaign again to generate a more positive outcome.
  2. Your list isn't engaged
    If your list is generally not very engaged, it will be difficult to generate positive results from any campaign. A few things you can do to improve list engagement and campaign quality:

    a. Clean up your list. It's good practice to keep your list fresh—remove any subscribers who haven't opened one of your emails recently. Check out this recent guide from MailChimp on removing inactive subscribers.

    b. Reduce the price of your campaigns. By reducing the overall price of a campaign, you will generate a lower cost-per-click. 

If you receive feedback from a publisher that they are dissatisfied with the results of a campaign, or have questions about the accuracy of campaign stats, please recommend that they contact us so we can assist directly:

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