What can I do to attract more advertisers?

Good question!

We've designed Paved to provide the ultimate opportunity to monetize your content channels and audience. There are a few things you can do to increase advertiser interest in your audience/list.

  1. Integrate your ESP with your Paved profile
    We've made it easy to connect your email service provider to your Paved profile. When you sync up your ESP, we'll automatically pull in the most recent data about your subscribers and historical campaign performance. 

    Bonus: Publishers who integrate their ESP get a "VERIFIED" badge on their Paved profile page. This verification ensures advertisers that the data is accurate, resulting in more campaign requests. 

    For more information on integrating your ESP see this article.
  2. Include detailed descriptions in the Site Description and Audience Detail sections of your profile.
    It's best not to skimp on details in your Paved profile. Many of our advertisers use the description box to better understand the focus of your content/list. We would encourage you to provide any information here that you think may be useful to advertisers. 

    We've seen a direct correlation between profiles that are thoughtfully filled out and positive rates of campaign requests. It pays to be thorough. 

  3. Scrub your newsletter list
    Over time your subscriber list may degrade slightly in quality. Perhaps, some of the emails are no longer in use or subscribers have become increasingly less engaged in your content. As a best practice, maintain the quality of your list by scrubbing (or 'pruning') it regularly. Follow the steps outlined here to effortlessly clean up your list.

  4. Revisit your campaign pricing
    Are your campaigns competitive priced? CPM and CPC rates vary widely between industries, as well as by the ad format (sponsored email vs dedicated email, etc).  They are further impacted by engagement metrics of a particular list (historical open rates, click throughs, etc). 

    As a general guideline, many advertisers prefer to keep the CPM of a dedicated email campaign less than $30. That said, it's important to due your diligence on the averages of your particular industry (MailChimp did an excellent research study on that point here) and follow best practices for keeping your rates competitive to attract new advertisers and campaigns.

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