What to expect as a new Paved publisher

So, you've signed up as a Paved publisher—congrats! To get you started on the right foot, we've outlined the steps you will go through once you receive a new campaign request.

Have additional questions about Paved? We're always happy to help: support@paved.com


1. Campaign Request

Once an advertiser decides they'd like to run a campaign with you, you will receive an email alerting you of this campaign request. The email will include three potential dates for the campaign send, as well as your potential payment amount.

It is important that you respond in a timely manner. The request will only be active for 48 hours. If you have not responded by that time the requesting advertiser will be notified and the potential campaign will self-cancel.

Choose one of the campaign dates in the email and you will be directed to your Paved dashboard with a confirmation message.


Note: Not ready to accept a campaign request? Take a look at our help article here.


2. Delivery of Creative

Once you confirm a date, the advertiser will be notified that their campaign request has been confirmed. At this time they will be directed to upload campaign creative through their Paved dashboard.

Once uploaded, you will receive an email notifying you that the campaign assets are available for download. Click in this email to open your Paved dashboard. Then, download the campaign creative and add it to your email service provider or blog CMS (depending on the campaign type):

Note: Most advertisers will upload the creative assets not long after the campaign request was approved by you. If an advertiser fails to upload campaign creative 5 days before the scheduled campaign date, the campaign will auto-cancel.


3. Testing and Preview

Once you’ve queued up the campaign with the advertiser’s creative, it’s time to test it! Whether a blog post or email campaign, it’s important to double check that the campaign appears correctly on both mobile and desktop devices. We also need to make sure the tracking link and impression pixel we provided are being utilized properly so we (and the advertiser) can accurately track campaign performance.

Sending a test email is easy. Every campaign gets a custom email address that you can see on the campaign page or in the notification email we send to you to deliver creative. Just send the draft to that custom email address and we'll make sure everything is ready to go.

Note: We're also happy to test your campaign on our end prior to sending. Just let us know and we'll be happy to run the campaign through our email testing service.  


4. Deploy Campaign!

The campaign date has arrived and you're ready to go! You will receive an email reminder the day before and the day of your campaign send. Do one final review of your campaign creative and hit send—high five!



5. Performance Stats Updated in Real Time

Paved integrates with the top email service providers, making it completely seamless for both our publishers and advertisers to get real-time insights into campaign performance. If you have not already done so, please integrate your email service provider with Paved, so that we can update performance stats dynamically (see here for more details on our ESP integrations).

The Paved tracking links and open pixel will notify the Advertiser (and the Paved team) that the campaign has been sent/launched.

Occasionally we will need you to upload your own reporting. Some instances where this would be necessary are if you did not use the creative downloaded from Paved.com or if your ESP does not support impression pixels. In this case we will alert you, and all you need to do is send us a screenshot of reporting so we can complete your payment. The screenshot needs to include newsletter opens and sponsorship-specific clicks.

You can upload reporting via the campaign's chat feature. Just click the attachment icon on the right side of the chat input field. Voilà!


6. Get Paid

At this point, Paved will issue your payment within 24 hours. Please make sure you have set up your preferred payment option in your Paved account!


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