How to set your ad formats

In the previous step you picked which ad formats you'd like to make avaliable on the Paved marketplace. 

Now you'll provide a bit more information on each format, so prospective advertisers will have more context on your site and audience. 

Two quick notes: The more details you can provide about the ad formats you offer, the more streamlined your process will be working with advertisers. Also, you can always go back and modify this information. We encourage our publishers to try and fill out as throughly as possible the first time, but anything can be changed later on.

Sponsored posts

Do you prefer to write the sponsored post with content recommendations/direction from the advertiser? Do you prefer the advertiser writes the post and submits it to you for review? What information does the advertiser need to provide you for the post (images, links, etc)?

You may also want to include any time restrictions you have for sponsored posts. For instance, do you need 2 weeks advance notice to prepare a sponsored post? By including this information here you may reduce the number of requests you get for last minute sponsored post campaigns.
Whatever your preferred way of working with sponsored posts, specify it here.

You may also want to include some additional promotion details — an added bonus for advertisers. Will you share the post on your social media accounts? How about in your newsletter (if you have one)? 

Sponsored emails

For sponsored email, we'll need some basic information about your list—number of subscribers, open rate (this is a percent), estimated click rate (also a percent), and the price you'd like to set for each campaign send.

We'd also like to know how often you send email to your list (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). 

Lastly, include what you'd need from an advertiser if they run a sponsored email campaign with you. Typically this includes specifics on text and images. For example: 

For sponsored emails we need:
1 headline (160 characters max)
Description text (250 characters max)
1 image (4:3 aspect ratio)

Dedicated email
Lastly, if you've chosen dedicated email as an ad format option, you'll fill in that info on the next screen. 

Similar to the sponsored email section, you'll need to include info on your subscribers, typical email engagement metrics, and a price you set for a dedicated email send.

You may want to offer additional campaign features (this makes a campaign with you more attractive to advertisers). If so, you can choose those here:

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