How do I edit my site info?

 Navigate to the main dropdown menu and click 'your profiles'

Next, click the edit site button on the right. 

If you want to see what your site page looks like on Paved's Marketplace, click your site's name.

Your site profile

You will go into your site settings. Here you can update your basic details. 

Adding/removing ad or sponsorship formats

To add new types of slots (including programmatic ads via the Ad Network), scroll down the Basics page. Toggle the options on to add different ad formats to your newsletter. Click next to save your changes.

You will be prompted to fill in previous advertisers. This section is not compulsory but is highly recommended if you want to attract high-quality advertisers. 

Update ad slots and change fees

How do I update my user information?

 Navigate to the main dropdown menu and click 'settings'

Here you can update all your user information

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