4 Steps to creating your first campaign in the Ad Network

1. Define Your Audience

While email sponsorships have always offered targeting opportunities based on the interests and demographics of a given newsletter, our new programmatic options allow even further targeting across over 12 million newsletter subscribers. 

To start, define the target audience for your ad, based on your target customer profile (or one of them if you have many). 

Target subscribers based on their location, interests, employment information, and more.

2. Create Ad Copy and Upload Creative

Next, craft the creative for your ad based on the profile you created and what you know about your customers—their interests, the kinds of content they engage with, and what problem you can solve for them.

Once you’ve written your copy, our platform automatically creates a native ad that fits in with the design of each specific newsletter.

3. Set Your Budget

Don’t struggle with unpredictable results—set a daily spend budget with a bid type based on CPC or CPM. 

ROI might fall as users are exposed to your ad multiple times? Just set a frequency cap and decide how many times a given user will see your ad in a set period of time.

You can also set your ad to run for a specific period of time at this step.

4. Track Campaign Results

Results will come in as publishers send out newsletters and users matching your targeting criteria open their emails. You can create as many campaigns and as many ad variations as you want. View results by impressions, clicks, CTR, or spend.

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