How to track events using the Paved Pixel

You can use the Paved Pixel to track various events on your website.


The pixel's base code must already be installed on every page where you want to track conversions.

Tracking Events

All standard events are tracked by calling the pixel's pvd('event') function, with the event name, and (optionally) a JSON object as its parameters. For example, here's a function call to track when a visitor has completed a purchase event, with currency and value included as a parameter:

pvd('event', 'purchase', {currency: "USD", value: 30.00});

We currently support the following events:

Event Type Event Parameter Additional Parameters
Purchase purchase

currency (string)

value (decimal)

Sign Up sign_up account_type (string)
Download download file (string)
Search search search_term (string)

Please contact your account manager to add a custom event. 



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