Why am I missing redirect links?

The redirect link is the link Paved sets up to track how many clicks a sponsorship gets. 

The redirect link format is as follows (with x being replaced by a string of random numbers unique to your campaign):


If your campaign draft is missing the redirect link, there are two reasons why that might be. We’ll share each of those reasons below, and the steps you can take to address them.

The redirect link isn’t detected 

If you haven’t yet added the redirect link, you can find directions on how to find it here

If you HAVE added the redirect link but your draft is still rejected, remember that you need to send an actual test of your draft, NOT a link or screenshot.

The wrong redirect link is being used.

Return to your campaign dashboard and ensure you’ve copied the redirect link from the appropriate campaign. 

You can find directions on how to find it here

Copy the appropriate redirect link and then open the HTML for your ESP and replace the incorrect redirect link with the correct one.

If you’ve attempted each of these solutions and are still having issues. Please reach out to account support here

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