Why is the open pixel missing in my draft?

The open pixel is a snippet of HTML code that needs to be included within the HTML code of your newsletter.

We use the open pixel to track the total number of opens for your campaign so you don’t have to manually track and share your stats with us. The pixel tracks the total number of opens (not just unique opens).

If the open pixel is missing from your draft, there are a number of possible causes.

The pixel was not added. 

If you haven’t yet added the pixel, you can find directions on how to find the pixel here

The wrong pixel was used. 

If you have multiple campaigns, it’s possible that you’ve used the pixel from a previous campaign in your current one. 

Return to your campaign dashboard and ensure you’ve copied the pixel from the appropriate campaign. 

You can find directions on how to find the pixel for your campaign here

The pixel is in the wrong location. 

Another possibility is that you may have placed your pixel in the wrong location. The pixel must be placed in the HTML body code of your newsletter. Please reach out to support here if you are unsure. 

Your ESP may have changed or removed the pixel.

If you’ve checked all of the above possibilities, and your pixel is properly placed, then it’s possible your ESP has changed or removed the pixel. We have seen this happen with some ESPs like Substack and if you export your email’s HTML from a WYSIWYG builder like Stripo.

These links are vital and we can’t track your campaign’s open rate without them. Contact your ESP to see if there is a way to troubleshoot this issue on their end. 

If you’ve attempted each of these solutions and are still having issues. Please reach out to account support here

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