How to create a campaign draft

Before an email sponsorship goes live, we ask the publisher to send a draft for 3 reasons: 

  1. To check the open pixel is installed
  2. To check the links used are correct
  3. To send to the advertiser for final approval of creative

Before we show the draft to the advertiser, we run a few automated checks to ensure the publisher is using the open pixel we gave them and the correct landing page links. 

There are many reasons your draft may be rejected, including:

  • More than one open pixel - We detected duplicate open pixels.
  • Open pixel from the wrong campaign - The open pixel is from another campaign.
  • Open pixel missing- The open pixel is not included.
  • Redirect links missing - The landing page link isn’t present in the email draft.
  • Wrong redirect link used - The wrong landing page is being used.

Best Practices to Avoid Campaign Draft Rejection

Be sure the open pixel is placed correctly. Without it, we can't tell if your email campaign was sent and your payout may be delayed.

Be sure to use the pixel and the correct CTA/main link. Without it, we can’t track clicks and opens. 

How to make sure you have the right pixel and links

  1. Click here to go to your campaigns.
  2. Select the campaign you’re intending to send as a draft
  3. Navigate to creative and click ‘manage’.

Here in campaign creative, you will find all the details for the sponsorship. Make sure you include the correct open pixel, the correct links, and, of course, the correct creative. 

Important Info to Remember: 

  • Don’t include the open pixel or links in a template - The open pixel will change for each and every campaign you send, even if it is with the same advertiser.
  • Don’t copy information from an old campaign - Paved tracks your open rate and CTR using the link and open pixel. If you use info from old campaigns, your data won’t reflect properly and the advertiser will have no proof that this campaign was sent. 

Where to Include the Open Pixel in Your Email 

Copy the ‘Open Pixel’ snippet from your campaign. It will look something like this: 

	<img src='' width='1' height='1'>

 and paste it anywhere in the 


section of your newsletter or post. 

The snippet is a transparent 1x1 pixel - so really, it's pretty much invisible! 

If you don’t know how to access the body code of your email editor, check out our ESP specific Ad Network tutorials for more detail.

Double-Check the Links and Creative 

Do a once-over to ensure that your code has been placed in the proper place and looks as it should. 

Send a Draft Email to Paved for Approval

Before you can initiate the campaign, we need to double-check that everything is in order and the advertiser approves of the ad placement. 

Back in your Paved campaign screen, you’ll note a message on your ‘Creative’ screen that reads, 

“Please send a draft copy of this campaign to for approval”.

Please send a draft copy to that email address. You can send it as a test email. We recommend you send it directly from your email editor and not by forwarding the email as an image or another email as this can cause a system error and your draft will be automatically rejected. 

After sending, you will receive an email from Paved letting you that your draft has been accepted! Now it’s up to the advertiser to approve or request changes to the sponsorship. 

You will want to copy this email address and send a test copy of your email draft to that address. For guidance, refer to the tutorial guide specific to your email provider.

Please note that the address is new for every campaign, so always check the campaign to get the appropriate email address to send your draft to. 

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