How to Install the Ad Network Placement on HubSpot

Ready to get your Paved ad network placement live in your HubSpot email newsletter? In this post, we’re going to share with you the step-by-step instructions to get you there. 

How to set up targeted ads in your newsletter template 

So that your placement can be easily included in future newsletters, we recommend that you put ad placement HTML in your email template rather than in a one-off email. 

How to configure your ad parameters

There are two parameters required to deliver an ad: a subscriber’s email and a campaign ID to uniquely identify the newsletter sent. 

We don’t store the subscriber’s email address but we do store the campaign ID to track your earnings.  

Select HubSpot from the list of ESPs and Paved will automatically insert the appropriate merge tags in the code. 

How to put the ad code in the header

In your Paved account, copy the provided header code for your ad placement. 

On the HubSpot home screen, click on ‘Marketing’ on the header navigation panel, then ‘Files and Templates’ and then ‘Design Tools’.

Then, find the template you want to edit by clicking on ‘Custom’ then ‘email’, and selecting the custom email template you want to work with.

This will open the HTML panel. Paste your code just above the </head> tag in the HTML editor on the left side of the screen. It should look something like what you see below.

After you're done, click ‘Publish changes’ in the top right corner. Leave this page open as you will return to it in the next task.

Where to install the ad placement code

The code below is for the ad placement. It must be pasted exactly in the right location within the same code editor used before. 

Paved includes some existing code from your ad template to help you locate the correct location as shown below.

Next, click the ‘copy code’ button to copy the ad placement code. 

In your HubSpot template editor, paste your ad placement code in the section indicated in the example provided in your Paved account. It should look something like what you see below.

After you're done, click ‘Publish changes’ in the top right corner.

Testing your ad placement 

From the HubSpot homepage, click on ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Email’.

Then click ‘Create email’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Then choose your email type. As we are just sending a test email for now, you can select ‘Regular’. You can always change this later.

Then select ‘Custom’ and select the email template you previously edited from the list. 

Give your email a name and select ‘Create Email’.

You can preview the design of the email here as well as to send a test email by selecting ‘Send a test email’ from the right top-hand side of the screen. 

Select who will be receiving the test email from the drop-down. You also have the option of selecting how you want the email to appear it’s being sent to (this is important for checking personalization tags). Then click ‘Send test email’.

Be sure to review the test email sent to your inbox to ensure formatting and ad placement look correct. 

Closing notes

To remove code from a send, simply delete the main ad placement code. It is not necessary to remove the header code.

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