How to write a good dedicated email for a sponsor

A dedicated email is sent on behalf on an advertiser to your entire audience. The key is to balance the advertiser's message with genuine sentiment and helpful information. No one wants to read a long ad that essentially says nothing except 'buy this thing.' 

Instead, theme a dedicated send around one of the following:

  • Teach your reader something new
  • Entertain your reader with a story
  • Engage your reader with a controversial opinion or stance

We recommend publishers either write a dedicated send on behalf of the advertiser OR work very closely with the advertiser to equip them with all the necessary information they need to write a good email in your newsletter's signature style. 

Here are some best practices

  1. Keep your logo/branding should be in the header: You want subscribers to know that this email is from you - not the advertiser.
  2. Make sure the offer is relevant to your audience: If your audience is not interested, it could negatively impact engagement and increase unsubscribes. Plus you'll have an upset advertiser who feels cheated because they got no results from the campaign. 
  3. Include clear CTA at the top and bottom of the email: The top CTA should communicate who the advertiser is and link to their landing page. The bottom CTA needs to have a clear action for subscribers to take. Words like "get, buy, download, select, choose, calculate, grab, and find" are good options. 
  4. Always be concise and clear: There's no point in trying to write a long email or a short email - rather aim to have zero wasted words. Wasted words make your email hard to read and boring. If every sentence is absolutely necessary, readers will stay engaged and conversions will increase. 
  5. Consider using an existing writing structure: Use a structure like PAS or AIDA to keep your email convincing. For PAS you focus on the reader's main Problem, then you Agitate that problem with more detail before you offer a Solution which is your product. In AIDA you grab Attention with your headline, develop Interest with facts and numbers, turn that interest into Desire with a promise or emotional appeal and then move the reader to take Action by using your product. 
  6. Always include a headline: A dedicated send without a headline means subscribers aren't immediately clear on what they're reading and why. Try out this headline analyzer to write a captivating headline that sets the tone.

Below are two examples of dedicated emails that you can use as inspiration to write your own. 

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