Overview: How Paved works for Advertisers

Paved helps advertisers find and sponsor newsletters at scale. There are two ways to advertise on Paved; the Marketplace and the Ad Network.

The Marketplace is for traditional sponsorships. You can browse our directory of newsletters and use the platform to book sponsorships with them. We offer  native newsletter ads, dedicated email sponsorships, and sponsored blog posts. 

Why choose Paved's Marketplace: 

  • A comprehensive directory of newsletters in one central platform
  • Sophisticated recommendations based on your audience data
  • Curated platform - publishers are trustworthy and have exceptional standards of engagement
  • Easy invoicing/payment
  • Automatic reporting on sponsorship success
  • No extra fees or subscriptions

The Ad Network is a unique platform where you can use targeting criteria to reach your ideal customer via newsletters. On the Marketplace you pay to reach an entire subscriber base. On the Ad Network, you create one ad that goes out to subscribers from over a hundred newsletters. It works of programmatic ad technology similar to web ads and social media. 

Reasons to try the Ad Network

  • Target audiences impossible to reach elsewhere (by interest, demographic, and job title) 
  • Bid on a CPC and CPM basis (run PPC campaigns)
  • Scale newsletter advertising quickly with no hassle
  • Skip communication with publishers and dive right into running ads
  • Real-time results - pause underperforming campaigns at any time

A high-quality Network 

Unlike other ad-buying platforms, we are a tech-based company. That means quality and security is extremely important to us. Advertisers, publishers, and all ads are manually reviewed and approved for quality purposes. 

Big data to match your audience

Paved's audience data matching increases the likelihood of high performing sponsorships. . For accounts with a budget above $10,000 per month we offer a management service. Please contact support to learn more.

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