Overview: How Paved works for publishers

There are two ways to monetize your newsletter on Paved; the Marketplace and the Ad Network.

The Marketplace: 

Native email and blog sponsorships where advertisers reach out to you with requests. 

We promote your newsletter to advertisers via weekly recommendations and Marketplace listings.

You will be listed on our Marketplace directory and can accept any of the following:

  • Native newsletter/email sponsorships
  • Dedicated email sponsorships (also called e-blasts)
  • Sponsored blog posts

Paved handles the payment and reporting for you. 

The Ad Network

Run high quality native programmatic ads on your newsletter

Lightweight HTML code displays an ad to subscribers based on their interests and demographics. Most publishers find this is an economic way to fill spare slots not booked for a traditional sponsorship. You receive payment monthly. Your earnings on the Ad Network is influenced by how valuable your audience is as advertisers will bid more to reach certain people (for example managers or CEOs).

The Ad Network works on a pay-per-click (PPC) or thousand impressions basis. It complies with all security laws including GDPR and CCPA.

Unlike ad agencies, we are a tech-based platform. That means quality and security are extremely important to us. Advertisers, publishers, are manually reviewed and approved for quality purposes. We also never share your (or your subscriber's) data with advertisers.

Read more about the difference between the Ad Network and Marketplace.

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