4 best practices for sponsored email ads

Sponsored email ads — also called native email ads — are ad units placed within the regular content of a newsletter. They blend with the curated content and convey the confidence of the newsletter writer/author.

Sponsored email ads are useful to directly sell a product, encourage a sign up to receive a free trial or lead magnet. If brand awareness or web traffic is your goal, then newsworthy articles or how-to content could garner a higher number of clicks.

Tip #1: Write naturally in a conversational tone. This helps your ad blend in with the newsletter content. For example, instead of a headline like “ Download a Free Trial to Software X”, write “Finally, this is how you can get past Cloudflare…” or “Sick of your data queries getting squashed by Cloudflare?.” 

Tip #2: Keep the newsletters demographic in mind and adjust your tone. Selling weight loss technology to yoga moms requires totally different language than selling it to millennial businessmen. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t get you the results you want.

Tip #3: Send readers to a page that matches the ad content. Promising something and not delivering it is the fastest way to lose a reader’s trust. More than 50% of your clicks should convert or sign up to your product. If they do not, you know there is a problem with your landing page. 

Tip #4: Track conversions or goals. As you saw above, users could be clicking but not signing up. By comparing the CPC to the number of conversions you can calculate the cost per acquisition (CPA) and judge if a campaign is worth continuing or not. Install the tracking pixel here.

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